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What hardware is required?

Fytics offers rugged, waterproof Android devices that make starting up Fytics quick and easy. You can also use existing Android or iOS devices, letting you get started on Fytics today!   

How do I setup Fytics?

Fytics is designed to work with any inventory, that’s because it’s adaptable! When Fytics meets a new barcode it simply prompts you to enter the items name and how it will be counted. After the barcode is entered once, your system will remember its information forever. 

How long does registering inventory take with Fytics?

Fytics is so quick that a full inventory order can be added in less than 40 seconds and removing items takes less than 5 seconds.

What kind of information can fytics give me?

Once your inventory is tracked through Fytics you get all sorts of new information on your inventory and food costs. Fytics lets you track your food waste down to individual ingredient, get completed order sheets in just one click, benchmark across multiple locations and so much more. 

How does Fytics know how many ingredients I should have used?

Fytics connects through your point of sales (POS) system to get the number of menu items sold over any given time period. Then using our industry-leading recipe mapping tool, owners can input what ingredients go into each menu item. Taking the sales of each menu item and breaking them out into individual ingredients lets Fytics get a final expected inventory usage based on your sales. Finally, we compare this expected number with the actual inventory amount used from your Fytics handheld to get a total waste number on your inventory. 

What POS systems does Fytics work with?

All of them. You heard that right, all of them! 

What kind of results can I expect?

Restaurants using the Fytics system see an average decrease of 60% on staff time allocated to tracking inventory, an 18% reduction on food waste and an accuracy score of 98%.