Extraordinary Sweet Treats

Ever get a craving for something sweet but a simple chocolate chip cookie isn’t gonna cut it? Here are three AMAZING sweet treats that are sure to calm your sweet tooth!


Founded in 1978, this Canadian-based pastry company is fantastic!

BeaverTails are whole wheat pastries stretched to the shape of a beaver’s tail, then cooked fresh and served hot with your choice of toppings! They come in many flavours so there’s something for everyone!

Fun fact about BeaverTails: They have travelled to Davos, Switzerland, Washington, DC, and Iqaluit, Nunavut to deliver treats to fans!

Sweet Jesus Ice Cream

This Toronto-born ice cream shop uses high-quality ingredients to make extreme ice creams for customers. Whether in a cup or a cone, this place is guaranteed to pile the ice cream high to the sky and cover it in the toppings of your choosing.

With multiple locations across Ontario, this is a must for all ice cream lovers!!

The Bagel Store

The Bagel Store in Brooklyn, New York has an enormous menu of interesting bagels, but their most enticing would have to be their Original Rainbow Bagel!

These bagels have become so popular that they are now shipping their rainbow bagels Nationwide. Sounds awesome right?? But…their bagels are so popular that there is actually a waitlist to get rainbow bagels shipped to your door!

So to all you bagel lovers out there, you might want to join the waitlist if you want to try these beautiful bagels anytime soon!

Check out the website links below for the full menus of these awesome places! You’ll definitely want to put these on your 2018 bucket list!

Photos sourced from Free Pix