The Evolution Of Fast Food – 10 Facts You May Not Know

Fast food or quick service restaurants have been around for quite some time, probably even longer than you would expect! We all have our favourites, our go to’s on a ‘cheat day’, that one you just crave when you are hungover or too lazy to cook. Now this isn’t another blog post telling you about the benefits of going gluten free or what to or not to eat. Today we’re aiding in your procrastination bringing you some fun facts about QSRs or fast food restaurants and the industry.

1) The ever so popular White Castle (made even more popular by the film Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle) was founded all the way back in 1923 and is widely considered the first fast food restaurant.

2) KFC created a successful marketing campaign over 40 years ago, that resulted in the restaurant becoming a popular destination for Christmas dinner in Japan.

3) Approximately nine out of 10 American children visit a McDonald’s restaurant every month.

4) Today, Coca-Cola and PepsiCo products are sold in every country in the world, except North Korea.

5) Quick service restaurants in the United States waste an average of 85,063,390 pounds of food every single day. Canadians waste a staggering $31 billion in food every year.

6) McDonald’s is one of the largest owners of real estate in the world and it earns the majority of its profits from collecting rent, not from selling food.

7) In 1965, Fred De Luca and family friend Dr. Peter Buck started a restaurant called Pete’s Super Submarines. It later underwent a name change. Today, with just under 45,000 restaurants, Subway is considered the largest quick service restaurant chain in the world.

8) Television greatly expanded advertisers reach to reach children as a common goal of theirs is to develop brand loyalty early in life. Today the average American child sees more than 10,000 food advertisements each year on television alone.

9) McDonald’s is the largest employer in Brazil.

10) Harland Sanders who later became the famous Colonel Sanders once discovered a business rival, Matt Stewart, painting over one of his signs. Stewart pulled a gun and shot Saunders’ business associate killing him. Saunders shot Stewart but didn’t kill him. In the end only Stewart ended with a murder conviction. The history of quick service restaurants development throughout the world is truly incredible. Today thousands exist, when a century ago the industry was non existent. Take a look at our timeline that highlights the history of quick service restaurants throughout the last century.

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