3D Printed Food

Have you ever started watching a 3D printer in action and become mesmerized by how awesome it is? Imagine if after the printer is finished, you could eat what it printed!!!

3D Food Printing is a huge new trend in the technology of food. Instead of printing plastic, they print using edible ingredients. 3d printing food allows for saving time and effort. You load up the machine and let it do the job for you. They print in layers that build up on top of each other.

The Chef/Designer uses software to create a design, they then send it to the printer and wait for it to be done!

You can make many types of foods using these printers, such as: chocolate, candies, pasta, pizza, and so much more! When it comes to the types of food that can and can’t be printed, basically, if it can be pureed, it can be printed. The printers are perfect for decorating cakes and cookies. They also allow people to create amazing 3D pieces of edible art!

There are different types of printers available depending on what kind of food you are printing! There are even some restaurants around that use these printers for some or all of their food! Food ink is the world’s first 3D printed restaurant.

The possibilities of this process can allow for more diverse foods to be create. Coming from a printer, it is now possible for food to taker on a more artistic representation that may not be achievable by hand. 3D printing food is faster than regular 3D printing, however, it still isn’t fast enough for any sort of mass production.